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Another occasional brew, F-Bomb is a collaboration between Lakeside and Shipwreck Breweries. It is a lower alcohol version of a defunct local beer known as the Funk Machine. This beer uses the same hops but cuts the alcohol down to 3.9% to give a light, easy drinking hoppy summer beer.

Space Bunny is an occasional beer made by Shipwreck Brewery, it’s a Hazy NASA – a New African Session Ale (OK so I made that beer style up so I could have an excuse to call the beer Space Bunny). Fruity, hazy, lower bitterness and alcohol.

The Dark Side is a coffee, chocolate, oatmeal stout (Breakfast Stout). It has ground coffee and cocoa powder added at the end of the boil and lots of oats and wheat in the grain bill. Coming in at 7% it isn’t for the faint hearted but doesn’t taste like it is strong in alcohol.

The Iron Pig Ale (IPA) is an American West Coast Style IPA, so hoppy and bitter. It is low on the ABV scale for an IPA at 5.5% so could just about qualify as a session beer. Made with imported Hops, Northern Brewer is one of the hop varieties that helps to add a unique piney flavour that helps it stand out amongst the crowd.

White Rabbit is a hoppy blonde (get it?) – It is our best selling beer and is popular with craft beer novices and more hardened craft drinkers alike. It is easy drinking, goes down well and at 4.5% it won’t knock you on your back after a couple!